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How Do I Know If I Own My Propane Tank?

Propane tips for new homeowners

propane tank virginiaIf you’re buying a home here in southwestern Virginia, this is a pretty exciting time for you!

It’s also a pretty busy time, with a lot of decisions to be made and questions to be asked. Fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage? What color should you paint the master bedroom? Tile or vinyl plank in the bathrooms?

And if you have bought a home that needs propane, there is one more question you need to ask: Who owns the propane tank?

Your first thought may be that since you bought the house, the propane tank that’s there is yours, too. That may or may not be true. Here’s why.

The people who owned the house before you may have leased the tank from their propane delivery company. If that is the case, that company is going to want their propane tank back. You could keep it if you want that company to continue to handle your propane deliveries. If you don’t, you have a problem. No propane delivery company is allowed to fill another company’s leased tank.

Owning vs. leasing: The pros and cons

If you own the propane tank outright, Midway Gas can deliver propane to your home. Owning gives you the freedom to choose your propane delivery company, and easily change to a new one at any time if you are not satisfied with your service.

On the other hand, ownership means responsibility. As in, you are responsible for your propane tank. You are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your propane tank and have to pay for them yourself should something come up.

If the propane tank is old or in poor condition, you may even need to replace it. You may also have to replace it with a bigger tank if you want to add more propane appliances, like a range or a fireplace. Buying and installing a new propane tank can costs thousands of dollars!

This is where the benefits of becoming a Midway Gas customer come in. Not only do we provide safe, reliable propane delivery, we can take all that expense and hassle of owning your propane tank off your hands with our propane tank leasing! When you lease your propane tank from us, we take care of the maintenance and repairs.

Midway Gas has the widest range of propane tank sizes in southwestern Virginia, and we’ll make sure you have the right size propane tank for your home’s needs and will safely and expertly install it.

Contact us to find out more about our propane tank installation and leasing for your Southern Virginia home or business, today!