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Automatic Delivery vs. Will-Call Delivery

Examining the pros and the cons to find out what suits you

automatic delivery virginia
As a Midway Gas customer, you know that we provide safe and reliable propane delivery to homes and businesses all over southwestern Virginia.

That’s the difference in choosing a locally owned and locally based propane provider can make! Our propane delivery drivers know our area well. And, unlike big national companies with far-away corporate offices, customers like you aren’t just some account number to us. You are a neighbor and a valued customer, and we treat you as such.

One of the advantages of being local is that we understand that one size most definitely does not fit all when it comes to how you get your propane delivered. That’s why we offer you a choice.

We offer Automatic Delivery as well as Will-Call delivery. The pros and cons of each are for you to decide; so let’s walk through the options so you can make the right choice for your home and your budget.

Automatic Delivery

Most Midway Gas customers prefer Automatic Delivery. Why is that? Because it’s easy and worry-free!

Once you enroll in this FREE program, your work is done. You no longer have to go outside in all kinds of weather to check your propane tank gauge levels. You no longer have to contact us to schedule a delivery. And you no longer have to worry if you forgot, or if you used more propane than anticipated, and now you’re out of propane and need an emergency delivery.

Midway Gas does the work for you. Our computer systems calculate, alongside the latest weather conditions, when you’ll need propane delivered to your home. Then we schedule that delivery before you run low.

Will-Call Delivery

Some people prefer to have more control when they get their propane deliveries. That’s fine, too! For them, we offer our Will-Call delivery service.

When you choose Will-Call, everything is on you, from checking your propane tank gauge levels to scheduling your propane deliveries.

But sometimes, people forget to do things. And when you forget to check your propane tank gauge levels, that sometimes comes with the expenses of emergency propane delivery, mandatory pressure testing, and relighting all your appliance pilots.

That’s why so many of our customers are deciding to go with the ease, convenience and peace of mind that comes with Automatic Delivery.

Contact us to find out more about worry-free Automatic Delivery and how Midway Gas can be of service for your home or business.