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Propane Gas For Motorhomes: Why It’s The Best Option

Propane is versatile, clean, and safe

propane motor homeWith summer vacation looming, it’s time to start thinking about where to go this summer. If you have an RV, you’re in a great situation! You can enjoy a trip while being able to adhere social distancing when needed.

As your planning your trip, don’t forget to add propane to your packing list!

RVs and Propane: A perfect combination

There’s so much propane can do in your RV to make your trips more comfortable. Propane can run your stove and refrigerator, heat your water, and keep the RV warm if the nights get chilly. And that’s just the beginning! Here are other ways propane makes RV life better:

Put safety first

Propane is a safe fuel source. Propane cylinders are made to the strictest safety standards and are much more puncture resistant than portable tanks for other fuels. But you still must know the ins and outs of propane safety. We’ve put together a few tips.

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