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Propane Storage Tanks: What Kind Do I Need?

propane tank sizes virginiaA storage tank is the heart of a propane-powered home and choosing the right one isn’t always as straightforward as you might think (a big reason why we help choose your tank when you become a Midway customer).

Still, it’s always best to know more as a customer, so we’ve prepared this short guide to talk about three parameters that go into selecting a propane tank: shape, size, and leasing vs. buying.

Propane Tank Specs For Consideration

Shape – ­Aboveground propane tanks come in two basic types: horizontal tanks and vertical cylinders. Horizontal propane tanks (sometimes called “torpedo tanks”) are large, high-capacity containers typically used where propane is the main source of heat in the home. Their increased storage capacity can limit the need for winter propane deliveries, which can help in areas where weather is unpredictable. Vertical propane cylinders are generally smaller, so they can be placed out of sight against a building or near a property line.

Size – Above ground propane tanks come in sizes ranging from 20-lb portable cylinders to 1000+ gallon tanks. Some common propane tank sizes are:

Lease vs. buy – Generally speaking, although there are some advantages to owning your own propane tank (controlling who supplies your propane being the most obvious), the disadvantages of owning your propane tank typically far outweigh the benefits.

For example, when you purchase your own propane tank, YOU are responsible for all installation and maintenance tasks and costs associated with your tank, including repair, replacement, and parts. You are also responsible for periodic tank recertification according to local and state laws, along with any fees charged by a supplier for using a tank that they don’t maintain and didn’t install.

When you lease a propane tank, on the other hand, the supplier (that would be us!) is responsible for installing and maintaining your tank – including securing the licensing and other common and specific requirements needed in Virginia.

Hassle-free propane tank installations in southwest VA
When you become a Midway Gas customer, we’ll provide you a propane storage tank and set you up for propane deliveries in western southwest Virginia. We’ll walk you through our recommendations, then install the tank correctly and in compliance with all applicable laws and codes. You’ll have none of the worry or cost of personal ownership of the tank, and you’ll know your propane tank will be installed the right way.

Contact Midwest Gas today to learn more, or to get a FREE, no-obligation estimates on a propane storage tank installation in southwest VA!