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How To Avoid A Propane Run-out

running out of fuel virginiaWhen you’ve got a lot on your mind, it’s easy to let a little thing like checking your propane gas gauge slip through the cracks—until one day you wake up in the middle of February and have no heat.

Besides the inconvenience of a cold house or having no power for your propane appliances, running out of gas can have other costly consequences. For example, a lack of heat could cause your pipes to freeze, which can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home and belongings. And of course, if you run out of propane, you’ll need to pay for a pressure test to get your system restarted.

The bottom line is running out of propane is no fun, but if you do run out of fuel, don’t panic – we’ll get you through it with an emergency propane delivery. In the meantime, you should do the following:

3 Ways to Prevent A Propane Run-Out

Of course, the best-case scenario is to avoid running out of gas in the first place. Here are three ways to prevent a no-fuel emergency in your Southwest Virginia home:

  1. Plan ahead — If you choose to remain a will call customer, monitor your own propane levels regularly – especially when temperatures dip. Order when your tank is no less than 25 percent full (sooner during a cold snap). Don’t wait until the last minute; instant deliveries are not always possible.
  2. Make watching your tank gauge part of your regular routine — When temperatures drop, you’ll probably use fuel more quickly than you realize. Build a visit to your tank into your normal day to day routine, especially as you near the one-quarter (25%) full mark.
  3. Switch to Automatic Delivery — With FREE Automatic Propane Delivery, our tracking system will know when you’re ready for a propane delivery based on your past usage and the current weather; no more gauge gazing or need to call for service.

If you run out of propane this winter, don’t panic. Contact Midway Gas. We’ll get your propane to you as soon as possible, with emergency service available 24/7/365. Contact us today to become a Midway Gas customer!