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Buying Vs. Leasing A Propane Tank For Your Home

getting a propane tank virginiaIf you have recently purchased a propane-powered home or are planning to install new propane appliances or equipment in your southwest Virginia home or business, one of the more important questions you’ll have to answer is whether you should buy or lease/rent your propane tank.

Although there are some advantages to buying your own propane tank, leasing offers strong advantages in terms of maintenance costs and safe, hassle-free operation—a big reason why most people choose to lease their propane tank.

What’s The Difference Between Renting And Buying A Tank?

If you lease a propane tank, for example, your supplier will typically install and cover all expenses for maintaining the tank. If you buy your tank, on the other hand, you are responsible for all installation and maintenance tasks and costs associated with your tank, including repair, replacement, and parts. You are also responsible for getting professional periodic tank recertification in accordance with state and federal propane handling laws.

Now it is true that if you own your tank, you can control who supplies your propane gas.

In theory.

In practice, many propane suppliers will insist that you use their tank. On the plus side, you may get preferred rates or benefits from these suppliers that are not available to other customers.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, buying your own propane tank does give you certain freedoms, but it comes at the cost of having to keep your propane tank safe and up to code—something you’ll have to pay a propane professional to do anyway. For most people, leasing is the better option.

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