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Why Invest in Propane Power for Your Business?

Find Out How Your Local Southern Virginia Business Can Benefit From Propane Gas!

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Did you know that propane is the most recommended fuel for commercial businesses? It’s true! In fact, all local businesses in the New Valley Region of Virginia can benefit from the use of commercial propane energy—particularly those that consume large amounts of energy, including hotels, retail stores, vineyards, manufacturing facilities and more!

That’s because propane is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable sources of fuel on the market. It can be used for a wide range of appliances and can benefit your commercial business in several ways. So, whether you own an office building, factory, restaurant, bank or any other business, there are many reasons to consider using propane as your fuel of choice:

1. Promote Yourself as a Green Business by Using Propane Gas

Using gasoline, diesel, natural gas certainly doesn’t allow you to promote your business as one that values the environment. Propane, however, is named as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Aire Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy because of its clean-burning properties.

By opting for propane, you can improve your brand image by showing that your business values protecting the environment, resulting in your business being more appealing to an environmentally conscious consumer market.

2. Save Money on Operating Costs

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs and expenses, so it only makes sense to go with propane—an inherently cheaper fuel option. If your business currently relies on gasoline, consider changing to propane to increase your company’s profit. You may also be eligible for incentives and tax breaks that aren’t applicable to other sources of energy!

3. Easy To Store

One of the biggest benefits of switching over to propane for your commercial business is the convenience that comes with storing propane. Propane is stored in tanks that can be located directly at your business or job site, making it convenient and easily accessible.

4. Excellent Safety Record

Thanks to strong government regulation and high industry standards, propane boasts an incredibly strong safety record. Additionally, propane-powered standby generators can keep your buildings, equipment, and inventory safe when the power goes out.

Some propane equipment is even safe for indoor use, including propane forklifts and temporary commercial heaters—something that can’t be said for gasoline-powered counterparts.

5. Versatility

If you aren’t yet convinced that propane is the right choice for your commercial business, the fact that propane can serve a litany of purposes surely will. Propane is excellent for water heating, construction site heating, building heating, cooking appliances, portable and standby generators, commercial dryers, and kilns, and so much more! Propane is the solution to many situations where you need power, therefore, it is the perfect choice for your business.

Whatever your business needs may be when it comes to propane, Midway Gas can meet them. Learn more about our available commercial propane services in Martinsville and the surrounding communities here in Southwest Virginia by visiting our website.

By choosing propane, a clean, green, and economical fuel option, your business will not only look better from the outside, but you will also notice the advantages as the business owner as well! Contact Midway today and let’s get started!