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Managing Your Propane Costs In Today’s Market

Our Budget Plan Can Help Provide the Perfect Solution

fuel payments virginiaAs you’ve likely seen both on the news and at the pump, pricing surrounding oil—and other fuels such as propane—has been extremely volatile over the past weeks. It’s frustrating both to us, as well as for you, our customers. Rest assured that in any case, we are doing our absolute best to help you navigate through these difficult times. And times like these are just one of the reasons we offer our Budget Plan.

How Does a Budget Plan Work?

Our Budget Plan is designed to keep heating bills predictable and eliminate the pain of bigger winter bills by spreading your propane costs across 12 months. Instead of bigger bills in the winter—when you use more propane for heating—you get predictable bills and pay one level amount every month. It makes it easier to plan and eliminates those big bills when you need them least. Here are the details:

How Do We Calculate Your Monthly Payments?

We start by estimating your annual payments based on your past fuel usage. Then we multiply your annual fuel use by this year’s projected prices and divide the yearly total into 12 even payments. You’ll find your winter bills may be cut by more than half, and the remaining months lower, too.

If your actual bills are a little higher or lower than we estimated, we’ll adjust as necessary during the year and keep you informed of any fluctuations.

The Bottom Line

We know you work hard for your money. It’s always our goal to offer you the most competitive price we can while providing you with the dependable service and quality fuel that keeps your family safe and warm. Many of you have discovered the benefits of Budget Plans even when prices are more moderate. We hope that you will find them even more beneficial during this challenging period.

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