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What Outdoor Appliances Can Be Powered By Propane?

Propane Cylinders Can Do A Lot!

propane appliances virginiaIt’s summertime here in Southern Virginia! Whether you’re grilling on the patio or heading to the mountains or the lake, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Propane can help you make the most of outdoor time with friends and family—and even let you start the season earlier in the spring and extend it to later in the fall. Portable propane cylinders—available in a variety of sizes—make it all easy as can be.

How Propane Improves Your Outdoor Space

You probably know nothing beats the precise temperature control you get with a propane grill. And for most folks, a 20-pound cylinder is the perfect to fire up their portable grill. But there are lots of ways a 20-pound propane cylinder can take your summer outdoor living to the next level:

Whatever you need, the pros at Midway can help you choose the right propane cylinder to get the job done. We offer portable tanks in sizes up to 100 pounds. Visit our Martinsville showroom to see our great selection of grills and more! Contact us today for more information.