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How To Control Your Winter Fuel Costs

Enrollment is Now Open to Help Keep Your Bills Manageable

fuel bill options virginiaWhile some things are inching back to normal, so many things remain unpredictable: the news, the weather, and the price of fuel. Commodities like oil and propane have always fluctuated in price, and those prices have been low for the past few years. And while the price of gasoline has begun to moderate, ongoing disruptions to the supply chain plus geopolitical strife could keep prices volatile—at least for now.

While we can’t control the price of fuel, we can help make your bills easier to handle. Our Monthly Budget Plan is designed to keep your propane bills predictable and eliminate the pain of bigger winter bills!

How Does A Monthly Budget Plan Work?

We know you work hard for your money. Why should you pay for all your propane over just a few months? Midway’s Monthly Budget Plan eliminates those winter spikes and makes it easy for you to plan.

We start by estimating your annual payments based on your past fuel usage. Then, we multiply your annual fuel usage by this year’s projected price and divide the yearly total into 12 even payments. You’ll find your winter bills may be cut by more than half, and the remaining months will usually be lower, too.

Even if it’s extra cold one month and you get two deliveries, you still only pay your regular monthly payment. We only charge you for the fuel you receive at the market price on the day of your delivery. If your actual bills are a little higher or lower than we estimated, we’ll adjust as necessary during the year.

If you like the idea of having a little more cash on hand in the winter, this convenient program is FREE to enroll! And you can enroll any time.

Midway Bottled Gas Makes It Easy!

We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier and reduce your stress. That’s why Midway has so many convenient, no-fee services including online bill pay, paperless billing, automatic deliveries, and more. 

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