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Using Propane to Heat Your Commercial Building

Deliver Efficiency and Great Value to Your Tennants

commercial propane heating Martinsville, VA Whether you are a commercial landlord, or you own the building that you operate your business from, you know that managing expenses is crucial. That’s why you should understand the value of using commercial propane to heat your building.

Propane is efficient, ecofriendly and safe. What’s more, it’s a cost-effective and versatile fuel for a wide range of commercial uses, and it’s extremely efficient for heating and water heating. That’s why it makes smart business sense to use propane to heat your buildings.

Efficient Heat

Commercial spaces tend to be large, open areas. That means they are harder to heat and keep warm. Commercial propane furnaces are more efficient than electric heating systems, and provide more even heat. Contrast that with a heat pump, which don’t go above body temperature, making the air coming out of vents feel cool and prompting people to try to raise the thermostat.

Propane boilers that qualify for the Energy Star label have energy efficiency ratings of at least 85 percent. And a propane boiler can last 30 year—or more with good maintenance. What’s more, a propane-powered boiler has the versatility to provide space heating, water heating, and even snow melt.

Commercial propane heating equipment offers a wide range of capacity as well as flexibility, ranging from 44,000 Btu with efficiency levels of up to 98 percent, to capacities as large as 225,000 Btu and higher. Depending on the type of heating required—for example, for multiple smaller tenants or one large one, you can take advantage of roof-top units, multiple smaller furnaces that can meet the heating needs of specific parts of the building. That type of zoning ability not only improves efficiency, but offers great value for tenants.

Propane for Hot Water

If you are heating your building with propane, it only makes sense to use this versatile and efficient fuel for at least a few of the many other uses it has. Even if the only need for hot water in your commercial building is for restrooms, you need hot water—and propane is ideal for heating water. Depending on the needs of your operation or your tenants, you can install a single propane tank water heater or multiple, individual tankless units for each tenant. Individual on-demand water heaters mean you (or your tenants) aren’t paying to heat water over weekends and at night, unless they need to.

Built-in Reliability

Whether you are operating your own business or have commercial tenants, imagine the value you can offer with a propane generator. With a tank for commercial propane heating on premises, you can also power a propane backup generator that will turn on automatically in the event of a power outage. It can be set up to operate essential systems for your building and your tenants, protecting perishables, keeping security systems and computer systems online and operating until the utilities can make repairs.

The Bottom Line

A commercial propane heating system for your building can help you save money and offer real value to your tenants. We have the experience to make sure you have the right size tank to service your building and set up a customized automatic delivery schedule for you.

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